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If you're worried about achieving your goals and haven't yet found an app that goes beyond simple to-do lists, MyEffectiveness is a good tool to organize everything for your life. With it, you can control habits that make you more or less productive, allowing you to get rid of distractions and set priorities, solving the problems that arise so you can achieve your goals.

This complex app includes so many features that you'll have to go step by step to make sure you see everything it's capable of. To start you'll see six separate parts to fill out in your work diary: my mission, my influence, my role, first things first, weekly plan, and notes, thoughts and ideas. All the information you put here is essential, as it will help you stay on course.

Go through all the steps to achieve your goals and take action to reach them. Once you've created your long-term plan of action, you can focus on achieving all the daily or weekly goals following the Pomodoro technique to help you manage your time. With this technique, once you've started the timer, you focus solely on the task at hand before moving to another. This helps you concentrate on your work.

Prioritize your activities with the 2x2 Eisenhower matrix, schedule them for a specific time every day and look over your entire schedule with a quick glance. Delete and modify your goals as often as you need to and don't let a lack of concentration or poorly planned goals keep you from achieving your dreams.